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An Overview of Quaker Faith and Practice

Quakers have a remarkable faith and practice to share with the world. Rooted in Christianity, we seek connection to the Inner Light, Spirit, or God through the practice of silent worship “when two or more are gathered”. We believe that ‘there is that of God in everyone’ and try to remember that in our daily lives.

From our faith comes a peace testimony that wishes to end the cause of all wars, a sense of stewardship for our world, and a deep feeling of spiritual equality with all people. We call each other ‘Friends’ as members of The Religious Society of Friends, a name we adopted more than 350 years ago. We believe in peacemaking, simplicity, integrity, opportunity and justice for all. That there is love and good in everyone and are strengthened by diversity of background, belief, gender, race and age.

Meeting for Worship is the corporate collective act by which we share a communion with each other, centered most deeply in silence. This carries over into our business practice of expectant waiting to be Spirit-led in our decision making.
The 17th century founding Quakers realized that God, who they often referred to as the Light of Christ, was reachable within each of us, and that no clergy or trained minister was necessary as we are all ministers. Acting on this knowledge shows us the way opening before us.

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