Started in 1888, the Allen’s Neck Clambake continues to be held on the third Thursday of August and serves 400+ people with over 100 volunteers. It is more than a meal. It is a connection to nature, to each other, to the day. Fire, rocks, seaweed, and smoke. Clams, corn, brown bread, and pies. It is both simple and elaborate. And it is fun.

“To the people involved in clambake, it really is a very pure expression of Quakerism…. Everyone feels responsible… it is an absolute responsibility to be there and to contribute—very Quakerly. It is hardly organized at all, and yet it’s carried out very efficiently: that also is very Quakerly…. This is a day where calmness and a sense of joy and a sense of happiness is never interrupted.”
—from Clambake, by Kathy Neustadt, 1992

Below is a video prepared for the August 2020 “virtual” clambake, with scenes from clambakes past.

Table of Clambake participants eating